2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel – Specs and Changes

This is one of the most common pickup trucks available across the USA. Now it’s all set for an upgrade. The one variant which is going to run away with strong sales figures is the upcoming 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel. This is the only diesel mid-size pickup available around the market with other diesels offered at a much higher price. So, a look into what American buyers can expect is most obviously on the cards.

2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Engine Performance

What makes this product special is its engine. This 2.8L Turbo-Diesel Duramax I-4 engine is a monster in disguise. Current outputs from this 4 cylinder 16-valve engine are as follows:

  • Max Output – 181 HP @3,400rpm.
  • Max Torque – 369 lb-ft. @2,000 rpm.

It can be expected that Chevy continues with this same engine unchanged. However, there are rumors that power specs might be tuned 2 to 3% on the higher just to impress and attract the maximum number of buyers.

What is already a winner is a more than ample amount of torque. Torque specs for this engine are 100 lb-ft. more than those of the larger 3.6L gasoline V6 also available in the present Chevrolet Colorado models.

Both RWD and 4WD drivetrains are available with this model. And the basic 8-Speed Auto transmission is mated to the engine. Pay-loading and trailering specs with the RWD model are as follows:

  • Max Payload – 1,500 lbs. +
  • Max Trailering – 7,700 lbs.

These are quite nice specs keeping in mind that this is a mid-size truck. EPA ratings for this engine come in at 22/30/25 mpg with the RWD model and 20/28/24 mpg for the 4WD [city/highway/combined]. These are the best EPA in this mid-size truck segment.

2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel rear view

2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Trims

Currently, only the top 2 trims provide this engine as an option. The LT and Z71 trims come with this Duramax Turbodiesel engine and with other multiple package options too such as an added trailering package, safety packages and so on.

Both Short Box and Long Box bed configurations will be available in this upcoming diesel variant as they are in the current generation. There are rumors that an Extended Cab or Dual Cab option might be provided along with the Crew Cab only option in the present generation of this upcoming Colorado Diesel.

2018 will thus see a diesel engine with Long and Short Beds along with both Crew Cab and Dual/Extended Cab options.

Exterior and Interior Changes

There are few exterior chances. The same front fascia with smooth attractive contours will continue. Z71 trims will have the matte black liner going through the grille flaunting Chevrolet’s logo up front and select 17-inch painted wheels. Features such as automatic climate controls, 8” touch-screen, 7-Speaker Bose Audio might trickle down to lower trims.

Price, Competition and Release

This 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel will start from around $36,000 by the end of 2017. Competition is expected only from other diesel variants such as RAM 1500 Eco-Diesel although it’s above range.

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