2019 Ram Rebel TRX: News, Design, Specs

Buyers like all kind of pickup trucks but the off-road and performance versions are the sweet pieces of brand’s inventory. Ford’s best-selling F-150 has the crowned, off-road and performance king, Raptor which gets some suspension upgrades for the 2019 model year. GM’s redesigned light-duty trucks also promoted the off-road ready TrailBoss and AT4 models but they stay shy compared to Raptor’s performance.

However, Ram also recently presented thoroughly redesigned Ram 1500 and FCA has been in recent reports which suggest that the brand might deliver the “real deal”, off-road and performance model, ready to shake the ground below the Ford Raptor.

It was in 2016 when Ram presented the Rebel TRX truck model at the State Fair of Texas. The model with the Hellact engine under the hood and off-road equipment was actually in the driving-ready form and it instantly was recognized as Ram’s alternative for the F-150 Raptor and close-to-production design.

Ram also heated the imagination of the public when showed the interior of the upcoming, all-new Ram 1500 with the clock set to “7:07”. This was also taken as the hint for the arrival of the version powered by the mighty Hellact 707 hp 6.2 engine. Ram also had the picture of the Rebel TRX Concept under the section of “Upcoming Vehicles”. What’s more, it also appeared on some forums that Ram fans won’t just get the Rebel TRX version yet another Rebel TR model would be launched with the 7.0-liter V-8.

No confirmation or denying from Ram, however. Sources claim that Ram could strengthen the lineup of the trucks with the 2019 Ram Rebel TRX. Less optimistic reports claim the arrival for the 2021 model year.

2019 Ram Rebel TRX

2019 Ram Rebel TRX: Running Rig

Everything about the 2019 Ram Rebel TRX is still an unconfirmed story but since the TRX Concept was “operational” design, it is expected now that production version wouldn’t be far from what we already saw.

The Hellact-powered Ram truck now seems as the sure bet. Ram teased with the time on the mentioned clock that like the version in the Trackhawk, the Hellcat engine is aimed to pump 707 hp and torque 645 lb-ft which would make it the most powerful production pickup truck. However, the TRX Concept had the engine version tuned to 575 hp and it would be the challenge for engineers to fit all 707 ponies to work correctly under the truck’s hood. So, it is also possible that detuned engine would go in the Ram TRX model.

On the other hand, Ram is also reported to offer the Rebel TR version powered with another high-power engine. In this case, it is talking about the naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V-8 engine. The engine known as the Banshee is expected to provide 520 h and 525 lb-ft of torque.


No details appeared in the reports about the suspension components and underpinning of the rumored TRX model. What is sure, the model would surely have to see some serious components strengthening in order to support possible 707 ponies. The truck would also integrate off-road-ready suspension, underbody protection, massive all-terrain tires and all other measures if it tries to take on the Raptor.

2019 Ram Rebel TRX

2019 Ram Rebel TRX: Styling, Interior

When it comes to the styling of the 2019 Ram Rebel TRX, it is also expected to stay close to the TRX Concept model form. We will likely see the new elements from the redesigned Ram 1500 but also a lot from the Concept version. So, the Rebel inspired grille, combined with the more sculpted hood, lower body cladding, unique bumpers and more should appear on the production version.

The model would have the lifted suspension and unique wheels with massive all-surface tires. With unique painting job and graphic, Ram would also emphasize model’s special purpose.

Inside the cabin, it would have unique upholstery with contrasting elements and TRX logos. The newest Uconnect infotainment platform won’t likely comes with the largest 12.0-inch display but it also possible.

2019 Ram Rebel TRX: Arrival, Estimated price

About the arrival is still everything mysterious. If the model would come as the 2019 Ram Rebel TRX we would likely see the prototype version on the roads already. Witch such power capacity, the model would have to undergo serious testing before entering the production and we wouldn’t miss the prototype if the model is to come as the 2019 version. However, some reports also suggest the launch of the models for the 2021 model year. In that scenario, the testing models should appear soon.

When it comes to the price estimation, something around $55, 000 has been suggested.

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