Kia plans to enter the US Pickup Truck Market with the new Model

In 2004 at the Chicago Auto Show Kia Motors Corporation has presented its first ever pickup truck. It was mid-size concept named KCV4 Mojave. In that point serial manufacture of this model was not real since Kia didn’t have factory with the capacity nor the technology to start the production. More than a decade later some reports say that serious tests are currently running in the US desert. Apparently, Kia is ready to enter the US truck market with the brand new mid-size model.

Kia Pickup Truck

Exterior and Interior Features

It is still unknown is this new truck going to retain Mojave name or not. However one thing is certain, the new Kia Pickup Truck will be built on the well-known Sorento platform. Even though, with its 130 inch wheelbase it will be significantly longer. Due to a heavy camouflage it is impossible to guess how the new Kia Pickup Truck will look like, but some combination of the Mojave concept and Sorento SUV can be expected. Almost fifteen years Kia’s designers invested in the design of the new model after Mojave debut and this Truck will for sure change some rules at the US Pickup Truck world.

Interior will probably be very close to a SUV model. The two-plus-two interior will be specious enough to set four adults. The comfort at the front-seat will be additionally improved with the revised headrests. The aircraft design will be used inside the truck which will focus on the central dashboard and the 7.0-inch digital display with its infotainment features. New Kia’s Cool & Connected package dual-zone automatic climate control will be added into upper trim models.

Kia Pickup Truck – Powertrain

The Mojave Truck was presented with the 3.8-liter DOHC V6 engine. The similar mill could be expected under the hood of the new model. Matched to a 5-speed electronically-controlled automatic gearbox this engine can deliver up to 280 horsepower. All-wheel drive and 20-inch machine-finished wheels with the sport tires will come as standard. Power-assisted four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and electronic brake force distribution will increase safety and shorten braking distance. Additionally, New Kia Pickup Truck will also inherit Mojave’s power-assisted rack and pinion steering. This was developed in order to be used with a hydraulically-controlled rear steering system. All that will lead to maximum maneuverability while parking and extra stability in driving.

Release Date

Regarding price, it is still premature to set any speculations sins the new Kia Pickup Truck is now in the testing phase. Official presentation will probably be scheduled for some big auto show in 2018 while the serial production can be expected in the next few years.

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