Subaru Pickup Truck is coming back in 2019

A mid-size pickup truck segment is alive and so is the idea for some new face. Honda made a fantastic impact with its new Ridgeline, which seems to be the signal for other carmakers to start thinking in the same direction. Believe it or no, Subaru was reconsidering to introduce one of the kinds in the near future. Now the Japanese carmaker isn’t reconsidering that anymore. No, they are actually building the Subaru Pickup Truck. Moreover, the workhorse will be introduced before the end of 2019.

Subaru Pickup Truck

Subaru Pickup Truck will have VIZIV-7 basis

There is not too many information about it at the moment. However, we know it’s going to be based on Subaru’s upcoming full-size SUV. This further means that it’s going to feature pretty much everything that provides the Subaru VIZIV-7. The concept vehicle has shown an amazing design, so it only needs a bed to become a pickup truck.

This is not the first time the Japanese manufacturer offering a pickup truck. In case you’ve forgotten, Subaru had a Baja truck, which was based on the Outback. The vehicle intended to be a rival to Chevrolet’s El Camino, but that didn’t go according to the plan.

As for the upcoming VIZIV-7-based Subaru Pickup Truck, it might have more success for many reasons. First of all, the segment is very hot, so there is more than enough space for everyone, and second, Subaru cars are significantly more popular than earlier. If the carmaker manages to build a proper Tribeca replacement, it will definitely be able to do the same with the Subaru Pickup Truck.

Performance Report

So far, we know that the pickup is getting all-wheel drive only, which will be paired with a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine. There is no information regarding the output at the moment, but we expect at least 280 horsepower. Some rumors suggest that the manufacturer is reconsidering a hybrid truck as well, but we have nothing about this matter at the moment. As for the off-roading, well we don’t expect anything better or worse from Honda’s workhorse. In other words, the Subaru Pickup Truck will handle better on the road, so stick to it.

Subaru Pickup Truck interior

Price and Arrival

Like we said, the vehicle should become available in two years. It’s too early to talk about the price at the moment, but we like to speculate. Let’s say that the Subaru Pickup Truck may cost around $30,000.

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